Communications solutions

Call plans

Why pay one company for your telephone calls and another for renting the line into your business? Most of our customers don’t see the point: they have lines and calls all on one bill

Line Rental

There’s nothing more frustrating for businesses than having to sort out suppliers who are all blaming each other. With Wholesale Line Rental and Outbound Calls, there’s only one service provider to call. We sort out the problem whether it’s with the BT line or the outgoing call. You deal with one supplier. You can add Broadband xDSL services, Inbound numbers, mobile phones and IP Telephony Services as well.

Outbound Telephony

All our outbound call packages include three key features – a reliable service, a price competitive deal, and excellent on going customer service. There is no need to install special equipment or dial an access code. Nor is there any need to change your telephone number. We offer competitive deals on every destination whether local, national, international or mobile calls.

Competitive and flexible call tariffs are guaranteed. It’s a price competitive market and we will always offer the best value deal around.

There are no hidden charges – what you see is what you get. No inflationary increase clauses, no hidden connection fees. Our terms and conditions are written in plain English and are completely transparent.

Tariffs are reviewed regularly to make sure each customer is getting the best rates possible. We never sign you up for a long term contract and then leave you on uncompetitive prices.

Inbound Telephony

Our inbound calling services enable customers or members to contact you via the method most attractive and convenient to you. The advantages in terms of flexibility and control are overwhelming.

Examples include routing calls according to time of day, diverting calls that connect to the ‘busy’ tone or do not get answered, interactive voice response, call queuing, and call recording.

All these features are part of the inbound network service, and do not require additional customer premises equipment.

Inbound services include:

  • Freefone 0800 – you pay for the call, your customer pays nothing. Show your customers you are accessible, and that you value their contact.
  • 03 Numbers – an alternative to chargeable 08 numbers, such as 0870. These numbers allow organisations to have a recognisible national point of contact without customers having to pay extra to call them. Cost no more than a national rate, cheap for both landline and mobile calls.
  • Local rate (0845/0844) – you pay nothing, your customer pays the local rate wherever they call from within the UK. Make yourself appear as a national company.
  • National rate (0870/0871) – your customer pays the national rate wherever they call from in the UK. You receive a rebate for every minute you are called. Turn calls into a revenue stream.

Inbound numbers offer other advantages. For example, take the number with you when you move location. Or for your next promotional campaign, get detailed reports on where your calls are coming from, and work out where to focus your sales effort.


Business Broadband… Providing the reliability, support & features you’d expect from a business-grade service.

What is Broadband?

Broadband, or ADSL, transforms your ordinary phone line into a high-speed data line – up to 40 times faster than a conventional modem.

Why do you need it?

Improve sales and productivity with a faster, permanent internet connection. No capital investment – just a flat-rate monthly cost.

Which product should you buy?

Your choice of package will be dictated by your budget and your requirements for the service.