Telecommunications solutions

Choosing the right system

Whatever your telephony needs – we are here to help you, confidently, promptly and at a very competitive rate. Installation, upgrade, maintenance and supporting Telephone Systems is the core of our business.

We are happy to advise on a telephone system built around your needs and budgets.

Get an idea of budgets

  • Have a look at your existing system, how much is it costing you?
  • What is the line rental?
  • How much are the call charges?
  • What are you paying for the current system if you lease it?

What size system do you need?

  • How many phones do you have, look at how many extensions you may need?
  • Do you need the flexibility of a system to grow if your small business turns into a big business?
  • Are all your employees in one place or do you need a remote solution for home workers?
  • Think about the volume of calls as this could influence the number of lines or call charges.

Have an idea what would be on your wish list for features.

  • Call forwarding

  • Music or a message on hold

  • Call queues

  • Call groups

  • Voice mail

  • Call transfer

There are many other options so please ask us to get the full benefits of your new or upgraded telephone system, we are happy to advise to ensure you get the right system for your business.