Telecommunications solutions

VoIP – The future is here

21st century technology has given us VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol). A less expensive, more efficient way to communicate.

Our hosted VOIP solution has all the features you need without any of the hassle of a traditional PBX. 

  • There is no Telephone System to buy
  • No dedicated comms room to acccommodate
  • No Engineers or maintenance contracts to pay for

Instead a small monthly fee buys you the best Business VoIP service available and excellent clarity.  Reliable and easy to use, our hosted VoIP network makes the very best in corporate communications available to even the smallest company. Your employees will really feel the benefit of a system that’s rich in features yet simple to use, and you’ll love the way we can increase your productivity whilst simultaneously cutting your costs.

Cloud solution

Remote control

Transfer calls

Worldwide calls

Analyse the most expensive call

Monitor the levels of incoming calls

Check how quickly calls are being answered

Make sure calls aren’t being missed

Identify abuse or misuse of the system

Ensure sufficient cover is provided at peak times

Manage department responsibilities for incoming and outgoing calls

View data remotely from a password protected internet or intranet connection

VoIP the way forward for small and medium sized companies

VoIp for business is a commercial class version of the system used for residential use which can supply small and medium sized companies with many advanced features.

  • Private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities
  • Conference calling
  • Music on hold
  • Internal transfer of calls
  • Transfer to remote locations